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This week we heard from Aaron Bennett regarding what kind of foundation is required to build a house. Aaron also spoke on how important it is to have our foundation firmly fixed and "bolted" in God particularly when the storms come and life gets chaotic. 

It's so reassuring knowing that no matter what we have gone through or may go through, it's never too late to rebuild our foundation. What can we do to have a firm foundation? We can come to Jesus daily, through prayer and reading his word. We can meet up together and encourage each other in our walk, we can use our gifts and abilities to serve... All these things will contribute towards having a strong foundation in Jesus!


1. Aaron gives 2 reasons a good foundation is needed for a house- What are they?

2. Even though we change, Aaron describes God as __________    _______________

3. Who in the bible gets distracted by the wind and the waves all around him?

4. What 2 things does Aaron suggest we can do to keep our foundation in God strong?

5. Where in the bible does the verse that Aaron shares and reads come from?

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