Ever feel like we're all on this mission to do big things for Jesus, trying to move mountains and change the world? It's exciting, right? But sometimes, in the midst of our grand plans, we skip over the basics – those everyday things like forgiveness, grace, sin, and tithing that make up the core of our Christian journey.

You know how it goes, right? We say, "Yeah, yeah, those things are important. I'll get around to them one day." Well, what if we stopped saying "one day" and declared today as our Day One? Let's hit the reset button and start afresh.

Day One is about getting real about some of the foundations of Christianity – just straight talk about the stuff we often push to the back burner. We're going back to basics and digging deep. What even is grace? Why does baptism matter, and what's the deal with tithing?

These aren't just churchy concepts; they're the real-deal principles that shape a life lived for Jesus. We want to peel back the layers of routine and really understand what grace does in our lives, why baptism is a big deal, and how tithing fits into our everyday.

So, join us on this journey. Let's figure out together, that the small things are not so small after all. In fact, they're the building blocks of a life that lines up with the freedom Jesus died for. "Day One is not just a series, it's a chance to kick off a new beginning. Day One starts now.


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