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It’s electives time! Last week we saw pictures of Evanie, Indie, Manuel and Daniel Vaimoso playing a board game with their dad. They had so much fun! We saw Ethan, Adele and Jacob Brogden cooking pancakes with crosses on them. Delicishimo! Tom Walker and his Dad made an awesome big cross out of real live wood for their lounge and Allie Louw, made a stick cross out of her own back yard, so awesome!! Adele Brogden did some cool as facepainting too!
Last weeks electives were amazing, we can’t wait to see what you do this week! Have fun!!

Cooking: You could use carrots and raisins or whatever healthy food you have to make a healthy Easter afternoon tea...

Creative: Make your very own bunny rabbit!! These are so cool! Mackenzie Borkin made the very first Soul Bunny and she named hers Clover!! Conrad Dalton made one next, his one is called Penguin! They are easy to make and all you need is a single sock, (see if you can find one that is all alone and has lost it’s pair). A cup of rice, 3 good rubber bands, or we used hair ties and a ribbon! You’ll need a really good pair of scissors too! Fill the sock with rice, put a hair tie around the top, then squeeze some up for the head and put a hair tie a third of the way up, then squeeze out a little and put a band on for the tail! The ears can cut out of the left overs at the top of the sock, the ribbon goes around his neck and you can draw two dots for the eyes and a x for the mouth!

Outside fun: Set up an obstacle course with chairs to jump over and get a spoon and an egg and have an egg and spoon race with at least one other person! Don’t drop the egg, food is precious at the moment!!

To make it even trickier, set the obstacle course with 2 balls to dribble with your feet, and do some sit ups while holding that egg in your spoon!!!

Last week we were worshipping our hearts out to Jesus! Soul Kids and their leaders too were jumping all round their lounges in fits of laughter, but also thanking God for our families, and the sunshine, for food, a house, for friends, and soooo much more!

On facebook on our KidSoul Kids page we saw Jack and Madi Atkins, and Tom and Lexi Walker, and Olly and Bella dancing hard out in KidSoul worship, and Madison and Jonathon Hine too! You guys are incred!! Now lets get worshipping God this week with Boom chaka laka and the moving song! Who can take a vid of their dad doing the moving song?!

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If you are having trouble viewing click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

We saw Elsie and Lily Bennett and Sophie, Benji and Stuey McIvor watching the KidSoul Videos, and we saw Anaya, Lucas and Joseph Bayly watching too! You guys looked super comfy watching—make sure you’ve got your pillow ready now!!


If your having trouble viewing click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

What are your favourite SKIT TEAM skits? Can you remember any?
Send us your favourite memories of the skits at Soul to kidsoul.soul@gmail.com!!

THIS WEEK: Nana Jude is speaking! We love her and she loves being a Nana to all of you!!

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1. Small Group Weekly Challenge:

Mystery Bible Story Challenge

JUNIORS: You have a drawing competition! WAY TO GO ELIJAH WALKER—YOU WON LAST WEEKS COMPETITION!! We’ll post your prize in a few weeks—Congratulations!. 

THIS WEEKS COMPETITION IS TO DRAW A PICTURE OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AT HOME!! We’ll post the winners on the website, KidSoul page by Monday!!

SENIORS: Check out the WHO AM I bible challenge! See if you can find a person at home to read it to you and you can shout it out when you think you know it!!

WHO AM I CHALLENGE... (tricky for the kids this week)...
I was the governor of Judea.
I recognized that Jesus was innocent.
I sent Jesus to be beaten.
I handed Jesus over to be crucified.
I released Barabbas from prison
Who am I?
I am Pilate.

2. Big Active Activity - (It’s a bit like Petanque)

Find a stone and write your name on it, find another stone that everyone playing can share. On the shared stone write Jesus. Have turns to throw the Jesus stone out on your grass, then everyone else playing has to stand from the same place and try to get their stone as close to the Jesus stone as possible! Have 10 rounds, and whoever wins the most rounds is the winner! (Mums are the best at this as we are used to throwing your toys and socks and bags and... everything else back into your rooms!!)

3. WEEKLY SHARING CIRCLE - (talk with someone else)

Dice Game: Get a dice and take turns shaking it and answering the questions on each number.
1. What do you love most about Easter?
2. What is something you can do to help other people?
3. What is something you want to ask Jesus to help you with?
4. What is something you want to say thank you to Jesus for?
6. Who is someone in your life that helps you know Jesus better?

Choose a ‘KID’ to say grace—It’s so cool we all still have food to eat!
Pray for those in the world that don’t have food to eat, and if you hear of anyone that doesn’t have much food, make sure you email us at kidsoul.soul@gmail.com, and we will make sure we get them some food to eat!

You can answer these questions while you eat— they’re kinda funny!

Would you rather eat only carrots for a month or only chocolate for a month?
Would you rather be the author of a super awesome book or star in a movie?
Would you rather have a snowball fight or a water balloon fight?
Would you rather never have homework again or be paid to do your homework?
Would you rather eat a whole onion or eat a whole can of cat food?
Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or be able to run on top of water?
Would you rather have the ability to fly or have the ability to walk through walls?
Would you rather play inside or play outside?
Would you rather be really cold or be really hot?
Would you rather be able to smell only bad-smelling things or never be able to smell again?

All of us are praying for you, we are missing you like crazy and we are hoping you are having
fun with the people you love at home this week! Next week we can’t wait to have fun with you
for Easter Friday—such a special day! If you want to talk to someone just for fun or if you have
anything worrying you or exciting, just email us at kidsoul.soul@gmail.com and we’ll message
you right back!
Love you all heaps! YOUR KIDSOUL LEADERS!

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