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Esther was amazing. She trusted Gods timing and she really did have a great time! Today we have a video of all of you having some really great times too!! Check it out.

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COOKING:  Banana Nutella Sushi!!

Craft!  Crown

Design and make a crown for a king or a queen!


This week you have a letter from one of your leaders at KidSoul—They were pumped to write to you!
Read this letter from Lara - especially to YOU, then write a letter too!!! 

Now that we are back at Soul - you might like to write a letter or draw a picture for one of your friends or KidSoul Leaders - they will love it!! 

Creative fun: 

This week we learn about Esther telling the truth and speaking up even though it was a risk for her to do that!  Today play TRUTH or DARE, with your friends or family!  If you choose Truth, you need to answer a question they ask you very honestly! If you choose dare, be prepared to do something a little bit 'risky', but please make sure the dares are not dangerous or inappropriate!  Take turns and have fun! 

This week we have two of your favourites!

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Today we had a skit for the video - and the super cool kids on the video tell us about the story of Esther and act it out!  Now it's your turn to act out the story of Esther(the beautiful queen),  and Haman, (the bad guy) and Mordecai (the good uncle guy) and of course Esther's King, (He was a real good guy too)!  You could even video yourself and send it to us!! 

Esther was a queen, she was beautiful and bold,

She listened to God and she did what she was told!

She spoke up to the king, and shared what was right and  true,

Haman was a bad guy, and yes now the king - He knew!

Mordecai was Esthers uncle, he was a real good man,

He told Esther she must speak up - Save us he said - you can!

The ending of the story is a  happy one - so good! 

It teaches us to speak up for people - you and me - we should! 

1. Quick Thinking Activity - All about YOU!

Esther trusted that God loved her and had a plan for her life with perfect timing. She wasn't scared to live life to the full, speaking up and remembering how special she was! Now it's your time to think about all the dreams you have and how special you are!  Fill in the sheet below or write your answers on a blank peice of paper!

2. WEEKLY SHARING CIRCLE - (talk with someone else)

1. Talk with your friends or family about how Mordecai must have felt when his niece -  Esther,  spoke up and saved all the people!

2.  Share a time when you've stood up and spoken up for someone who was being treated unfairly!

3.  How do you think God feels when you choose to do what's right even when it's really hard?


Esther was really beautiful, she was really brave and she was faithful to God, even when it was hard to trust him.  Tell others at your table 3 things you love about each of them, and then take turns so everyone has a turn at sharing! 

4. Your Alive Top 5!!

This term you get to use your fingers and rate each ’life experience or activity’ out of 5!

There will be 10 of these each week for you to rate out of 5! This week Sarah has rated them!

Rate these out of 5. 

5 means you really really want to do this, 0 means you really really don’t!

 1. Go bungee jumping! Sarah's rating: BIG 0!!!!
 2. Have a hot spa pool with your friends.Sarah's rating: 5
 3.  Watch people you think are cool play rugby at night.Sarah's rating: 5
 4. Sweep your concrete or deck.Sarah's rating: 2
 5. Prank your neighbour.Sarah's rating: 0
 6. Dance on stage at Soul.Sarah's rating: 2
 7. Eat homemade apple pie and ice cream.Sarah's rating: 5
 8. Play board games. Sarah's rating:5
  9. Go fishing with your family. Sarah's rating:5
 10. Go to a tramp park with your bestie! Sarah's rating:4


Remember that God said: Matthew 7:26-27 ERV) that there are two Kinds of People.
We hope that this term, you have learnt that God wants you to be the kind of  person that  trusts him and speaks up for others to help them too! 
If you want to share anything at all, a worry, or something super cool, if you want to write a letter to the KidSoul Leaders, or you want a phone call—just message us at:!
Love you all heaps! YOUR KIDSOUL LEADERS!

There is nothing like a good song to finish!!

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